Dr. Olaf Plotzke-President

President’s message

Welcome to our CSDH web site. 

We are a brand-new organization whose primary purpose is to improve the oral health and quality of life of folks with special needs in our society and in our practices ...


Finally we are initiating the Canadian Society for Disability and Oral Health. This is basically the Canadian branch of IADH (International Association for Disability and Oral Health). Our Facebook group is open to all healthcare professionals who are seeing/treating special needs patients in Canada. Please feel free to invite your friends to our Facebook group and contact us by for further details. By clicking on the Facebook icon down below or the picture on the left, you can find our Facebook group  to join us.

Dr. Ari speaks with Dr. John O’Keefe from CDA Oasis Team


Watch this brief conversation and learn more about the Canadian Society for Disability and Oral Health (CSDH) and help us to increase awareness and improve access to care for patients with special needs in Canada.